I can’t make bread so I made a podcast
Talking breakdowns

Talking breakdowns

June 6, 2021

Welcome back to another episode of I Can't Make Bread so I Made a Podcast! A podcast for podcasters and storytellers. Every episode I explore the different facets of podcasting so you can learn how to amplify your voice through podcasting. 

In this episode I'm joined by therapist Ali Psiuk to talk about her memoir 'Breakdown A Therapists Journey of losing it & Finding It. 

Her memoir details her life as an elite gymnast to a circus performer, her struggle with eating disorders, psychiatric hospitals and finding hope and healing.  

Ali shares her book has been a life long project - a prolific journaller from a child - Ali used old diaries to weave her story together. 

We talk about how she tackled the portrayal of mental distress in an authentic way and the power of sharing lived experience. As a therapist she helps her clients share painful experiences and believes her memoir will help others feel less alone. 

Ali was influenced by writers like Susanna Cason to write a compelling and heart wrenching memoir. 

Buy Ali's memoir: https://www.amazon.com/Breakdown-Therapists-Journey-Losing-Finding/dp/B0924CY2X4


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Joyfully childfree

Joyfully childfree

May 3, 2021

Many people are childfree by choice or circumstance but not having children can still be a highly stigmatised decision. Raphie Wagner, host of 'Not a Momma Life' podcast, joins me for chat about creating community. Raphie has built a community to support and uplift those who are childfree on Instagram and by creating her podcast. 

Topics: childfree life - podcasting - podcast host - stigma - creating community 


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Challenging Islamophobia one podcast at a time

Challenging Islamophobia one podcast at a time

April 20, 2021

Ramadan Mubarak! It's Ramadan so what better time to talk about Islamophobia. I'm joined by Shehla Faizi, host of the podcast 'I'm A Muslim, and that's Okay' to talk about how podcasting has provided a platform to challenge stereotypes about Muslims and Islam. 

Topics discussed - Islam - Muslim women - Islamophobia - media - racism - stereotypes - New Zealand terror attack - podcasts - podcasting 


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Lessons for new podcasters

Lessons for new podcasters

April 12, 2021
Listen to part of my Podfiesta presentation and hear my top recommendations for new podcasters. 
Podfiesta is Australasia's first podcasting conference and I had the pleasure of presenting my experience of how podcasting helped me find a voice after cancer. I started The C Word: Kiwis Talk About Cancer as a way of providing an authentic voice about cancer. 
My top tips: 
Podcasting is an intimate medium
Your audience wants an authentic experience
Go where your listeners are
Podcasting is a long game
Downloads aren't everything
You will make mistakes...and that's Ok
Get in touch with me if you're interested in starting a podcast and don't know where to start thecwordradio@gmail.com 
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Ugly Cry

Ugly Cry

April 5, 2021

When was the last time you ugly cried? Director/ actor Lizzy McCabe talks to people on The Ugly Cry Podcast about their most memorable ugly cry moments. Lizzy joins me to chat about why being vulnerable can lead to great storytelling. And belly laughs. 

Topics * podcasting * storytelling * podcaster * interviewing 


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I Got Cancer & All I Got Was a Podcast….Podfest talk!

I Got Cancer & All I Got Was a Podcast….Podfest talk!

March 2, 2021

The first episode for the podcast for podcasters and storytellers! Join Helen as she relives her moment in the spotlight at Podfest Global and shares her talk 'I Got Cancer & All I Got Was A Podcast'. Helen launched 'the C Word: Kiwis Talk About Cancer' amidst the Covid pandemic and shares three lessons she learned. 

I Can't Make Bread so I Made a Podcast is the essential podcast for anyone who wants to learn all the tricks of the trade from an experienced journalist and podcast enthusiast! And the official podcast for HK Productions. 

Topics covered include podcast launch * storytelling * choosing a topic * podcasting * indy podcasting * community * podcast * guest management. 







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